Thursday, November 18, 2010

AEDM November 16th, 17th, & 18th

Catching up a little here; I've been making plenty of things but fell off track a little with the posting part. So here's what I've done in the last few days.

I made a single square (the one in the upper right) on this Trip Around The World quilt. It's meant to be a doll quilt, and the squares when done are two inches across. Yes, it's stupidly tiny. Yes, it takes forty-five minutes to hand-sew a single block. Yes, it's kind of wonky since it's teeny and hand-sewn. Yes, it needs to be ironed. And yes, I love how it's coming out so far. I am tempted to make it a full-sized quilt, except I don't expect to be alive for the required thousand years.

I also put together another row on the orange-yellow-and-black quilt, which means I have more than half of the nine-patches done:

I did a little block, just to see if I liked it. I had in mind some very colorful high-key exuberant quilts I had seen. I think the contrast is a little too pronounced in it, and that it would work better with a lighter blue, so hmmm.

I also cut out the remaining pieces and assembled this square, adapted from a mandala doodle I did. Maude is, alas, not impressed, to judge by her yawn.


B @ Sweet Limes said...

Oh wow, that is turing out to be so amazing. I have to laugh about your short life expectancy, sorry it's getting in the way of you making a larger quilt. ;)

TheCrazyCrone said...

Your work is gorgeous, so intricate and requiring so much patience. Hoping you have a loooonnnngggg life!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, you can't go by cats. They're not impressed with anything.

Morph Waffle said...

Wow, you've been busy, beautiful work.

Unknown said...

I love the tiny quilt! What patience that must require! I like the last square also:)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, the teeny, tiny Trip Around the World is luverly! The colours you're working with are all kinds of yummy. Maybe you can frame it when it's done/you've had enough?

I like the contrast in the test square - both the colour scheme and style of pattern - but then, I'm a high-contrast kind of girl. It's like two worlds colliding!

The mandala doodle block is most impressive. All those angles pieced together - hat's off to you. I would have thrown it in the corner long ago, I'm sure.