Saturday, August 31, 2013


This is the other piece I did earlier, another of that deck I'm now calling the World Goddess Oracle. It's of Vanth, an Etruscan underworld Goddess Who was often depicted on tombs and sarcophagi carrying a torch to help guide the souls of the dead. Because that's what Her presence signified, that someone's death was near. She is, however, a neutral force. She does not bring death, I don't think, but is there to guide the spirit on its new journey.

Here she is:

I've depicted Her in a very typical pose from one of the Etruscan tombs, where She is shown on one side of a door.


I suppose I should let everyone here know that Sir Isaac Mewton has died, since I mentioned it earlier. He died the Monday before last, in the early morning. He had been up and walking around as late as that Friday, but declined over the weekend.

He was a good, good, kitty.