Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Patreon

And I just launched a Patreon, woo hoo. Go check it out!

There are of course various rewards for different tiers of support, starting at just $1 a month; I'll note that if even one of you signs up at the $3/month level, I will be obligated to make a piece of Goddess art a month, picked from your suggestion(s).

So go support your local* Goddess artist!

*I'm probably not, actually, local to most of you. But that's the beauty of the internet.

World Goddess Oracle

I have also, incidentally, been researching print-on-demand card companies, like the kind who can make Tarot cards to order, with an eye to a potential Kickstarter (or the like) to get the World Goddess Oracle published. Most of those don't allow for a book, which I have to admit is rather freeing, as that's what's been holding me up all this time. I now have no idea about a book, though perfectionist-me of course wouldn't want anyone else (i.e. someone who is not me) writing it.

I'm not sure how much I should say about the writing, I guess. I will say that a few years back I got a brutally negative response to a question about it (not here, don't worry, you people are all lovely) and it proved extremely discouraging and disheartening, such that it has caused me a good deal of anxiety (I may be especially sensitive—or sensitized—to that).

So far what I need from the print-on-demand card companies are both a) the correct card proportions or the ability to do custom sizes, and b) the willingness to print some artistic nudity, ideally up to and including the Sheila-na-Gig. I ain't leaving Her behind, dammit.

But a bit more research is in order.

Some Recent Commissions

This commission thing seems to be working out, so I've decided to keep taking them for now. I spent most of the holiday season painting Muses as I got a commission for all Nine. Here are a few of my favorites from that set.

First, Ourania, the Muse of astronomy, with Stargazer lilies in Her hair:

Melpomene, Muse of tragedy:

And of course my personal favorite Muse (well, duh), Thalia, Muse of comedy:

For another commission I did an Asherah I quite like, with the Tree of Life embroidered on Her tunic:

And for a different commission this Ereshkigal, which may be my favorite one so far:

I seem to be rather obsessed with that panneaux format (though not all commissions have been those proportions). And oddly enough, doing a bunch of pieces in an old familiar style that still has plenty yet to explore has given me lots of ideas for other styles. I wouldn't have thought that's how that works. But it's been inspirational, and is starting (I think) to build some momentum.