Saturday, July 28, 2012

Prints Available

This is one of the other things I've been working on: prints available through Deviant Art. Click here for my prints gallery.

I've got a few more than thirty of them up now, in various sizes; all the Gods, and starting in on the Goddess Oracle cards. I'm working on getting them all up (with a couple of exceptions, namely Melaina, which is just too dark, and the Sheila na Gig, which contravenes their policy, which is, yes, stupid, as it is a sincere religious work of art); but if you have a specific request just drop me a line (my first name at my first name my last name dot com) and I'll move it to the front of the line.

Also if you're interested in something larger (the biggest I've got them is like ten by fifteen inches I think) let me know. I'll have to make up more art at a higher resolution, but it's not a problem at all.