Thursday, March 5, 2009

Art Blog Meme

Sue O'Kieffe over at the lovely Sacred Circle Mandalas gave me this award in appreciation of this blog. Thank you Sue! Be sure to go over there and check out her really wonderful mandalas. Also, she has Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, by the Fifth Dimension, on her playlist right now! That brought me back, yikes. (Mystic crystal revelations, woo!)

So, before I pass the award on to seven of my favorite art blogs, I am to tell you seven facts about myself.

1. I believe in daimons. Well, okay, "believe," as if I'm taking it on faith. This is not how Paganism works. It's not faith leading to belief, it's experience. Isn't it now?

2. I don't know if I believe in God. I know, this contradicts #1. Life is paradox.

3. I am probably crazy.

4. Believe it or not, I have never done any drugs. Not even though I went to Art School, where I knew a glass major who had made his own blown-glass bong. (It was a thing of beauty, too.) I don't drink or smoke cigarettes, either. Blech!

5. My house is haunted. Hardly surprising; it's like 250 years old, quite ancient for New England.

6. One of my hobbies is lucid dreaming. A tricky thing, let me tell you!

7. I have recurring dreams in which I am married to Weird Al Yankovic. Which is not actually related to #6, come to think of it.

Okay, now that I've got y'all wondering, here are the seven art blogs I'm passing the award on to:

1. Owl's Wings. I suppose it's not always an art blog, but right now Beth is working her way through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, and I'm finding it immensely helpful and revealing.

2. Steve Emery's blog Color Sweet Tooth. His paintings are full of golden light and blue sky. Oh, and Grenouille: je t'adore.

3. Faerie Moon, featuring Hitty Dauphine and her 100 dresses. Basically, it's about a grown woman playing with dolls. She fills me with such hope, that my own playfulness is not lost! Also, I wicked want a dollhouse now.

4. Mousetales, home to Miss Rosie Posie and the Peppersnout sisters. Such beautiful colors and sure drawing. Louisa makes it all look so easy!

5. Then there is Tollipop, where the author (I can't find a reference to her name!) is also doing a hundred dresses; but these come with marvelous stories, too. And she has a genius for character names: Celeste Twickham, Tom Fingers the pickpocket, Vanguard Hastings, and of course, Quimpert Pittsnoggle IV! Very wonderful.

6. Joanna Powell Colbert's Gaian Tarot Journal, though thanks to that Stephen guy I don't know how I should be pronouncing her last name. She goes through the process as she makes each new card; and her blog is one of the inspirations for this one. So thank you, Joanna.

7. And of course, the mother of all art blogs, Leah Piken Kolidas's Creative Every Day, which besides being an inspiration, is a marvelous resource for connecting with other artists and discovering other art blogs!


Anonymous said...

#3 Ha! Probably?!!? What standards are you using?

To peer over the edge of the Abyss is to confront insanity.

To float along merrily over 11 open dimensions creating, connecting and couraging requires nothing short of a perfect Dark Heart and a mind of fire.

Probably? My fine arse!

Thalia said...

Oh man! You weren't kidding.

Alas, (in case the rest of y'all were wondering) this is a person who knows me in real life.

I know, I know. When the voices in your head tell you you are not crazy, should you believe them? :)