Friday, January 23, 2009

Scarf and Hat Set (Toy #3)

Let me just say, Maude is a damned patient cat:

And, of course, the matching hat:

It's a miracle, obviously, that I managed to take that second photo in the .7 second window I had, and it's a little underexposed; but, still, they are quite fetching on her, don't you think?

It's made from that pokeberry and indigo smallish batch of yarn I tie-dyed back in November; the scarf is in seed-stitch, and the hat is my somewhat botched first attempt at decreasing stitches. She sat on my lap or next to me the whole time I knit it, while pointedly and generously ignoring my evil chuckling. She really is a bigger person than I.

Though, she may still opt to kill me in my sleep, you never know.


Genie Sea said...

Glad to see she didn't kill you. LOL

Unknown said...

And glad to see Maude is very charming and warm!

Chaos and love said...

love it

Thalia said...

I am happy to report I survived the night. That doesn't mean Maude won't get me at some later date, though; cats have looooong memories and she may simply be biding her time.

Funny, though (and I didn't get a picture of it) Mewton didn't seem to mind the scarf at all. In fact, as far as I could tell it looked like he actually liked it. And I don't just mean he tolerated it and didn't complain; he looked quite pleased. Weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Cats do tend to remember slights to their sense of -- ah -- pride. So glad you've made it this far. Do think Maude won't hold it against you. Well, forever, anyway. Besides, she looks quite fetching.

(I think I just heard a vampire from the other room say "You must make a parakeet out of heem!")

Mewton has always struck me as slightly, perhaps, maybe, a wee bit, vain?

Anonymous said...

That would be *don't* DO NOT think she will hold it against you. The hat is too cute for words.

Thalia said...

It is not vanity for Sir Isaac Mewton to believe himself extremely handsome. It is simply reality.

Angela Raincatcher said...

So adorable!