Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knitty Satan (Toy #2)

Oh my Gawd this guy totally cracks me up:

I like how the curved claws make him look vaguely pigeon-toed.

I have to admit I don't quite get the whole God vs. Devil thing. If the Devil is the opposite of God, shouldn't God be a hopelessly square utterly un-charming bore with no dress sense? Well, I guess there are reasons I'm not one of those monotheistic sorts.

Anyway, two toys down, ninety-eight to go!


-ked'a said...

You are *such* a hoot! Knitty Satan, indeed!

Thalia said...

Isn't he awesome?

Unknown said...


I have one in my car... it is not knitted, it is sewed, but it does help to keep evil eyes away =)

Be afraid, be very afraid, LOL

Evn said...

This rocks!! If I ever have a baby, I'm putting this in his crib.

Leah said...

lol!! i love the look on his face!

Yvonne Rathbone said...

I like that he has a slight potbelly. The knit rows bulge out just a tad. Let's me know he isn't such a strict dieter. I've always thought the Devil was too vain to let himself get some love-handles.

Thalia said...

I've always figured Satan was the skinny wiry sort with a naturally high metabolism, myself; the sort of guy with a body that, "runs hot," I guess.

Though there's no doubt in my mind the guy invented diets, I can't see him following one.