Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good God

All right then. In the spirit of little-kid-creativity, here, dear God, is my first attempt:

It's a decent enough idea: knit a critter (in this case a cat, honest) from leftover black eyelash yarn, so it makes its own fur as you go, then stuff it and add some details like eyes to it.

Well, it's a nice idea. The result, though, is, I fear, properly called an abomination. Ooooh-hooo baby, that thing is ugly!! Yoiks.

But it was fun, even if it looks like a miniature black Yeti that's been stepped on. One must keep in mind that failures are often more instructive than successes; and the whole idea of Art Every Day Month is that you keep plugging away at it, failures and all.

Though perhaps I will try it again, this time in a less fuzzy yarn, so you can actually see what the thing looks like. Hmmm.


Leah said...

thalia, i adore it! i knew it was a kitty straight away and being a kitty lover myself, i was instantly in love with it.

i'm thrilled that you are able to keep on going despite feeling like you've made something that isn't successful in your mind. but i hope it helps that i totally love it! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's sweet, and huggably fuzzy!! love it's little eyes too!

Rosie the Cat said...

That is too cool! NOT ugly!

Thalia said...

Well thanks, all. Though seriously, you guys want it? I can draw a name out of a hat and pop it in an envelope if you like. I guess it just wasn't what I imagined it was going to look like.

Leah, I have to say that not only is this a great idea, but that going over to your blog and then clicking on the people participating, and seeing the stuff they've been doing is really getting my brain thinking and the inspiration going. I think I would like to use this month of art to do a bunch of little experimental things, and then see where that takes me with my usual art. Cripes, I almost said "real" art; I have GOT to get that stupid stupid hierarchical crap out of my thinking. It's ALL art. I figure if Athena invented it (and She invented a LOT of stuff) it's art. End of story.

Carol, your stuff is amazing. I love your fractal snowflake pieces. It's making me wonder if I couldn't do something with scratchboard, building up layers and layers of thin white lines, putting down medium colors then scratching those off too for depth; and also it reminds me that I have a fractal program I haven't played with in ages.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Honestly, it's a little weird. I can tell you right now, my daughter would LOVE that. She's a little weird, too, though, lol.

Anonymous said...

cute lil furry baby!

Thalia said...

I can't get over the fact that something can be simultaneously brand new and ratty.

Leah said...

i understand what you mean. i think it's a struggle for a lot of people, thinking some stuff is "real" art and the other stuff is...imaginary? lol! and sure, you can totally put my name in a hat for the cute kitty. i'm a sucker for all things cat.

i'm so glad you're getting a lot of inspiration from the challenge and the participants. it always gives me such a boost too!

oh, and mrsb's comment totally cracked me up.

Kim Campbell said...

I LOVE it!!!