Saturday, April 11, 2009

Creative Every Day Update

I'll tell you whut, it is waaaay easier to make little dresses for the Sims than it is to:

Find the right combination of fabrics
Draft the pattern
Cut it out and
Sew it up
Embroider the Hel out of it
Try it on and
Start cussing because it doesn't fit, I've put on weight, it doesn't look good on me anyhow, it's running headlong into body image issues, and where would I wear it anyway? &c., &c.

Never mind finding all the proper accessories and jewelry that are made out of gold or something that would cost a pretty penny. Nope, much easier to just make a 512 by 512 pixel texture map.

So, here are a couple of wee Viking women:

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Dancing With Fey said...

I've got to say, I got a laugh out of reading your post. :)

I like those dresses. They're pretty.