Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Patreon Page

So the Patreon thing is working out quite nicely; I think I'll keep it. :)

In case you don't know, it's basically an ongoing kickstarter, where patrons (that is after all the correct word) pledge to donate a certain amount per month to support an artist (or writer, or musician, or filmmaker, &c.). Creators (that would be the artist, filmmaker, &c) can set up tiers and offer different rewards per amount pledged. You can also set up goals, meaning when X amount of pledges are received, or X amount of patrons sign up, you will do something (like get some fun art supplies that will translate into new art, or offer more rewards to the patrons, anything, really, including being able to pay X bill and therefore free up more time to make art, ha).

These are the tiers I've set up on my Patreon. I've named the levels too, because you can do that.

$1 month, the Patron level--access to sketches, musings on my art and the process of making it, finished art before the rest of the world sees it.
$3 month, the Maiden level--all the above, plus access to a thread for suggestions as to which Goddess I should paint that month.
$5 month, the Lady level--the above, plus 10% off anything in my Etsy store (which includes prints)
$10 month, the Queen level--the above, plus a postcard of my art sent to you every month
$20 month, the Empress level--the above, except 15% off anything in my Etsy store, plus every six months you get a print!

And I've set up two goals. The reason I'm going over this here is because they are both SO CLOSE to being met, homg.

The first is that if I get to 20 patrons I'll give away a print to one lucky patron. I'm at 18 patrons now; JUST TWO MORE.

And the other, which is EVEN CLOSER, is that when I get to $100 in pledges, I'll add the postcards to the $5 level, and throw in some goodies, like stickers, cards, what-have-you, to the $10 and $20 levels (in addition to the postcards they already get). We are at the OH-SO-CLOSE amount of $99! SO CLOSE.



Nancy said...

I absolutely love your art! I am still hoping for an Oracle deck. Would there be a way to buy digital images to print my own of the cards you do have available? I am considering buying through zazzle but the note cards would be a bit too big.

Thalia said...

I have spent part of this week researching Kickstarter, so your hope may not be in vain. In the meantime, I have been considering making a large print that is basically a sheet (or two) of the cards; it would be something the person who buys it would have to cut up and attach to cardstock or the like. But I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in that. Would you?

Nancy said...

I would love to buy the sheets. How big would the cards be, and how much would they cost? Please, pkease do this, I have been wanting to work with your oracle Forever! Lol!