Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving On

Okay, I am totally sick of looking at Benzaiten's boob. She has proved to be a far more complicated Goddess than I would have thought, having a long and convoluted history as She originates in the Hindu Sarasvati (a river Goddess so old even in ancient times Her river was lost) Who then was adopted into Buddhism which then made its way into China which is how She came to be known to the Japanese Who took Her as their own even assimilating Her into a couple of the native Shinto Goddesses.

I mean I think I've got that straight.

Anyway, I'm not sure now that my portrait of Her is quite appropriate, and the whole shebang of Her will need some Musing; but while I give that time I've decided I shouldn't let that hold up the writing of The Book. So I'm going to put Her aside even though I haven't finished Her entry, and even though I am usually quite loathe to do so, as I have this problem with finishing things as it is. But I think in this case I will have to move on if I am to move at all.

So, then, it's back to the Roman Goddesses. Which makes Diana next.


Unknown said...

I love this Diana of yours... She has a face that makes me think of Hekat... as a matter of fact, our group of streghe, have this idea that Diana may be closely linked to Hekat, as for they are Goddesses of night, magick and ways.

I love the frog she holds.. so beautiful!

Thalia said...

They are linked in my mind, too. Aren't there some later epithets of Diana that also common to (or taken from) Hekate? My mind is coming up blank right now of course. :)