Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creative Every Day Update

Here's one of the little Minoan things I made for The Sims in the rush to get stuff done before I had to bring back my library books, which I did yesterday. That yesterday was a windy day in the middle of a New English February, and that the local State University campus, besides being one of the Ugliest Places on Earth, is also one of the most miserably Cold and Windy Places on Earth, as well as having the most Inconvenient Parking Lots on Earth, what with them being like a mile from any of the buildings, must be said, as well as the somewhat spoiled remark that I think the library, generally, has a crap selection in the first place. I mean, what do you mean they don't have Roman Religion and the Cult of Diana at Aricia? Anyway, here's my bit of art, a little Minoan altar with the Horns of Consecration a-top:

Earlier in the week I did two little outfits (called "skins" by those of us in the know, wink wink) as part of a challenge, or dare, put up by a Sims 1 forum I haunt:

Don't they look nice? Now, understand, I just made the texture maps for them; the "meshes" as they are called, meaning the underlying 3D structures, were made by MJ at the Simarillion, and are fantastic.

All these, by the bye, were drawn without the use of a WACOM tablet. Yes, that means with the goddamned mouse.

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Genie Sea said...

Oh honey, I can so relate to you. I don't have a tablet yet either, and I make all my digital art with a mouse. I have described the experience as one similar to painting watercolors with a brick. :)

They are very detailed and authentic looking costumes, and I really love the altar.