Monday, February 2, 2009

The Orphic Hymn to Nature

Ancient mother,
holy artist,
queen of constantly
unfolding creation,
we honor you.

Untamed all-tamer,
eternally splendid,
bright serenity,
first born.

Lady of the shining stars
dancing breathless circles,
gem of divine powers,

finite, infinite,
known, all knowing
yet secret within us,
you invoke yourself.

Lead us, mother of life,
give us wisdom,
grace us with beauty.

You are justice
supremely strong
ruling every chaos.

You are spiritual and earthy,
a friend to piety,
sweet to goodness
and bitter to evil.

You are the most powerful;
you nourish all.

Your pure mind full of seeds
gives crowds of stars and flowers
creating worlds streaming
to receding horizons.

Your hand holds up space.
You direct the wind.
You hinge the world
with the bolt of force.

Courageous, fatal,
all conquering queen,
hear our song.

Care for us.
Grant plenty,
adventure and comfort,
constant peace and health.

(From The Hymns of Orpheus, Mutations by R.C. Hogart. Another entry for Brighid, as part of the 4th Annual Brighid in the Blogosphere Poetry Reading on Imbolc.)

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Unknown said...

Puts my thoughts into the Eleusys family.