Saturday, October 25, 2008

On the Twenty-Seventh Day of Hallowe'en

I've up and donated a framed tile, much like the one shown here, to be given away as part of Mrs. B's Thirty One Days of Hallowe'en Contest. It's slated to be given away on the 27th, Monday. So get on over there and enter on Monday! For that matter get on over there and enter today; she gives away a couple of sweet things every day, up until Hallowe'en.

The tile is from my Cat and Cauldron store, and the thing measures six inches square; the tile inside is just over four inches square. If you win, I'll send you the tile in whatever design you like; it doesn't have to be Athena. There are plenty of Goddesses and Gods to choose from; still, if you don't see the one you like on a tile (as they require different graphics than most of the other products I haven't done all of them yet), just let me know and I'll Photoshop it up.

Good luck!

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Thalia said...

Ooo! I won a pendant over there today! Yay!!