Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Evn over at Lover of Strife, inspired by Anne Johnson at The Gods Are Bored, is holding a casting contest:

Strifemongers, pick your favorite myth, choose the most appropriate actors to play the Gods who appear in it, and post your submissions in the comments section. Entries will be accepted until next Tuesday, at which time I'll announce my top three casting directors (assuming more than three people enter), each of whom will win an actual prize.

Why am I mentioning this here? Because Evn has decided that the prizes are to be products from my Cat and Cauldron store: third prize is the Goddess magnet of your choice, second place the Goddess mug of your choice, and first prize whichever organic Goddess tee-shirt you choose.

So go on over there and enter!

UPDATE: Winners announced here. Congrats!


Evn said...

And don't forget, you're my celebrity guest judge. That's worth plugging, too.

Thalia said...

Well I'm your guest judge, yes. Celebrity, though? Yikes.

So, to my readers: bribes in the form of dark chocolate are always gratefully accepted. Godiva truffles, especially, will pretty much guarantee you a winning spot.

Just so's you know.