Friday, December 12, 2008

Well Would You Look At That?

Here's a little something else on the nature of inspiration.

I did this set of little bitty paintings a couple months ago, just for myself, and purely for fun. They are, in fact, meant to be used in a game--The Sims, that game where you play God/dess and make little people with little lives, though the part I like best is making the little houses with the little furniture. See, I have this dream of making a completely furnished Labyrinth, with frescoes and Horns of Consecration and chairs and dining room tables all in the ancient style. (Oh, what fun!)

But I had just thought of it all as fluff, though it did look nice in the game (though I'm still having problems converting my watercolors to wallpapers):

And this led me to do the Minoan series of little artworks, in the same style, and really, the same color scheme and technique. See how that works?

It is all important. It is all art.


Unknown said...

before i read your content my heart leaped. crete! the labyrinth!(ive been there many many years ago)
nicely done

Inês Barreto said...

I'm addicted on this game! I will love to put my little Ines living in a minoan palace!

Thalia said...

Someday, Sue, I want to go there too. I'm especially enamoured of the idea of going on one of Carol Christ's Goddess pilgrimages she holds. Oh my God that would be so awesome. (You can tell I am a New Englander, no?)

Well, Inês Raven, I've slowly been accumulating little Minoan Sim things, and one of my (daft) plans is to sooner or later start up a Sims site with downloads and such. I've already got about a million of the little dresses for Minoan ladies. Objects are trickier because there are these evil things called z-buffers that are quite finicky, but I'm figuring them out.