Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday Cat-Goddess Blogging

After looking up the Sekhmet entry in The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt (edited by Helen Strudwick), as research for this week's Goddess of the Week column, I flipped to the next page, that of the Cat-Goddess Bastet, Who is associated with Sekhmet, I assume by way of Them both being cats.

And not a moment later, the inevitable:

We humans are never to forget that cats were once worshiped as Gods.


Unknown said...

And further than not forgetting, comes the question: HOW COULD WE?

The look on her face is very nice... it seems like she is saying, "what are you looking at/"


Inês Barreto said...

I am wondering what she was thinking of you in this moment... lol

Thalia said...

She's probably thinking, What's that thing with the blinky light? then a moment later, OY! The flash! How could you! I'll be seeing spots for hours now. Grumble grumble.

Evn said...

This is the witchiest picture ever. I love how the name "Bastet" is next to her grumpy lil' head.

(I watched Catwoman for the zillionth time last night, so grain of salt and all that.)

Thalia said...

Poor Maude! She is not a grumpy cat, in general, (in fact almost never, really; she's a very pleasant and even-tempered cat who is devoted to me--she is my familiar and all--and who will follow me around and who will actually come when called) and that is not, in fact, her grumpy look. I guess you have to know her, but that's a perfectly open and happy look.

I mean, for her face, which is, I will admit, kinda funny looking.

Wow, I sound all kinds of defensive. I guess it just that, when it comes to cats, I know grumpy.

Maude ain't it.

Evn said...

I totally understand. One of these days, remind me to tell you about Cagney--who was my familiar, and who was very resentful about it. said...

That is priceless. She looks just like my late lamented black cat, whose name just happened to be Bast.