Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And The Winner Is...


She has won the little black fuzzy knit-and-calico squashed-Yeti-cat-thing. Congrats! (Or rather, I'm so sorry, please accept my most sincere condolences.)


-ked'a said...
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-ked'a said...

(Had a typo. Oops.)

Yippee! After loosing my cat, my brakes and my crown (from my tooth), it sure is something special to be gifted with such a lovely, er, creature -- another familiar of sorts. Even if its head is stuffed full of fluff. Something, one might say, we have in common.

I shall treasure it forever and ever. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I've heard the correct term is congratudolences. ;-)

Thalia said...

1. Your head is NOT full of fluff. And I will not stand by and let you talk about my friend like that. So knock it off.

2. I will endeavor to use that word, "congratudolences." It's a good one.

3. I think his name is Conrad. Don't know why, it just came to me. In a flash, as it were. You may find that's not what s/he tells you, though.

-ked'a said...

Or dollcongratulances, even. Yank thoo, beweaver!

Yes, m'lady. Whatever, the Creatrix, says, m'lady. Not headed filled with fluff, m'Lady.

Um. Gimme? Please?