Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey, I told you my town was quaint. Looking up the local town website (yes, we have a website) to check if there was any 'official' news (not particularly), I wandered into the list of town officials. Check this out. THIS is how quaint we are, and oh my God I am NOT making these up:

Fence Viewer
Inspector of Milk
Town Physician
Measurer of Wood and Lumber
Moth Superintendent
Field Driver/Poundkeeper whose job is 'to "take up horses, mules, asses, neat cattle, sheep, goats or swine going at large in the public ways, or on common and unimproved land within his town and not under the care of a keeper" and to impound the same. The poundkeeper, who ... is the same officer, is then charged with feeding and providing water to the "beasts" which are in his custody.'


Here is a quaint picture from the center of town, where the local river runs through. Now, you have to understand. This house is a local landmark, an old colonial turned into a saltbox at one point or other; and as far as I know it's always been cantilevered somewhat precariously over the river on a couple of lollycolumns. Usually, of course, the river is much lower, by several feet. Astonishingly enough, this house does have a cellar, on the more landward and less rivery side of things.

And here's one of the other drystone bridges in the town, right by the same saltbox, this one a triple arch, though you can barely see them for the water. The bridge itself was closed to traffic, because the water was so high.

And here, to give you an idea of the major PITA this is all going to be in my neighborhood, is the satellite view of the area. The blue circle (blue for water) is where the bridges over the mill streams gave out (the white in the upper right is water reflecting the sun). As you can see, there are a LOT of people on this side.


Mama Feoneafey said...

wholly Piccadillies! you folks are getin' it but good over there! So sad to hear about those lovely historic bridges but glad to know thus far you are ok. I hope they get your road issues worked out quickly with at the very least a temporary car acceptable bridge.
you are in my prayers and meditations !!
Safe blessings and , dryer wishes.

Thalia said...

As for an update, the bridge did reopen today, though I didn't walk down there and look at it, so I don't know what it looks like and assume it's pretty temporary and jerry-rigged.

As for the comment I deleted: well wishes are nice, and I appreciate that there does seem to be a human there, but comments with spammy links get tossed, period.

Evn said...

Please tell me the Moth Superintendent is required by law to wear a cloak and cackle quietly to himself during City Council meetings.

Thalia said...

I know! I fully expect him to dress like Arthur from The Tick, or the Monarch. That would be AWESOME.

I mean, okay, I get the practical boring reason we have one, which is because we have nasty caterpillar infestations now and again that can kill whole swaths of forest, so keeping an eye on the moth population is useful. But still, 'Superintendent'? Don't they know how ridiculous that sounds??