Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silly Meme, Cat Edition

Because it's way funnier when you type in The Cat's name for this particular Google-game; though you can try it yourself with your own name if you like. The basics: type in your/the cat's/the gerbil's name with the word needs into the Google search engine, and see what comes up.

First, to establish the mood, here is Maude seated on an old chair in the piano room (which is full of furniture that doesn't usually live there as I'm refinishing another room in the house; it looks rather like an old, cluttered antique store, doesn't it?) that makes her look right royal indeed. I like how the velvet matches her eyes, though I do apologize for the photo being a little blurry. She moved. Well, one can't expect the Queen to wait around all day, can one?

Okay, then, what does Her Royal Highness need?

Maude needs people, you know, not squirrels. (I don't know about that; she is a cat, after all.)

Maude needs no encouragement. (Well no, true enough.)

Maude needs recognition and appears to be replaying some hurts from the past. (Oh no! That's terrible. We all need recognition!)

Maude needs to be more of a hard ass. (Now, burying past hurts is not the way to deal with them; it only hurts more in the long run. It's okay to cry. Really!)

Maude needs to learn that respect is earned. (Fair enough.)

Maude needs the mystery to be solved before she can finish her book. (She's writing a book? She can type?)

Maude needs to perform some additional rewrites. (This is ever the way with writing, yes.)

Maude needs a science project to fill up the spare time between being a Cosmo advice columnist. (I had no idea. What else has she neglected to tell me? And what's that book about?)

Maude needs to go back to graduate school. (Wait. Back? And who's paying for this?)

Maude needs a real job. (Oh. Good. 'Cause I'm still paying off my own student loans.)

Maude needs some marijuana from her nephew, Jeff. (Ah, yes. Grad school.)

Hmmm. I think perhaps it's time Maude and I had a little talk.


Dancing With Fey said...

Your cat's name is Maude? My first goldfish's name was Maud!

I should try this with my own cats.

Thalia said...

OMG, Maud the goldfish! That's way cooler than Maude the cat.

I had a friend who had a goldfish named Fluffy.

Unknown said...

I love this Meme... I will check with Bege if she wants to do it...

Jul said...

What a delicious cat photo. So much mood and atmosphere.

Genie Sea said...

My cat's name is Stinky. You would never have thought that with such a name, his royal highness would have some tude. By the way, he named himself. :)

Thalia said...

Oh dear, Genie Sea, I'm sorry.