Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goddess of the Week

This week while I shuffled I asked, as usual, what messages do the Goddesses have for the world? But under it, I could not help also asking a question for myself: What do I need to know about my creativity? Or, How can I get my creativity moving? For I am still feeling blocked, though I do think it is moving, if slowly.

So I thought it a very good sign when I picked Gaea. She is the primeval maker, mover, creatrix; and She is bursting with creativity and joy and life.

For all of us. She created this world. She made it all. The earth, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans, the animals, the plants, the Gods, and us humans, too. Great foremother Gaea.

She is also the source of inspiration and prophetic powers; and the Oracle at Delphi was originally Hers. So whatever is up this week, it looks to be a time of growth and creativity and fruitfulness. Perhaps it is because spring is coming. Can you feel this too?

I asked Her what She had to say to us. She said:

I know what it's like to be dead.

Hey now, I tell Her, though perhaps I should not be so argumentative with a Goddess, that's just a Beatles quote.

Well yeah, but that doesn't mean it's not true. I am all. Everything. How do you think I am so well-acquainted with prophecy? The dead return to me, and I welcome them; and I listen to them. Find the parts of yourself that are dead and dying. Welcome them; listen to them, hear what they have to say. The decaying and the dead never really go; they are transmuted into the new. Be aware of this through this process. The closer you listen to what has passed, and the more gratitude you can muster for your former self, the more you will learn and the more useful it will all prove. But let it decay. From decay, from rot, from compost spring the brightest, tallest, healthiest flowers.

Pay attention also to the season about you. Late winter, earliest spring? It looks stuck, looks in stasis, but it is not. Hard work is being done, though much of it is unseen right now. But it is well under way; and it cannot be stopped now. Before long, before long at all, buds will laugh and burst and new green leaves will be shining, the bees will be buzzing, the thousand flowers will bloom. How do you fit within this cycle, this energy? You are not separate from it. Believing you are is a great part of the source of your problems.

And to my non-northern children? I am all seasons at all times. Bring in your harvest and your glory. Kiss the leaves as they fall to the ground. Things are beginning to decay around you. It is rich, and it will lead to further richness.

What to do with this then? It feels intuitively right, to me, anyway. It is about trust that things are moving, even if they don't seem to be; and about honoring what has passed, an important and often-overlooked part of welcoming in the new.

What do you think? Any ideas?


Thalia said...

Effin' spellcheck. 'Forefather' and 'creator' are just fine; but oh, no, heaven forbid, 'foremother' and 'creatrix' get the stern little red lines of patriarchal disapproval under them. Damned language!


Thalia said...

Oh and She also quoted XTC in there:

buds will laugh and burst
racing to be first

Song, then, also.

Anonymous said...

Cool, Gaea likes song lyrics! :D

I think it's great that such ancient deities are still in touch with the world today. (It makes sense that She would be, as She's the freakin' Earth itself, and thus must be aware of everything that goes on upon Her surface and in Her children's lives.
I mean, of course I expect the gods to be active in our lives--and have continually experienced both intuitive and tangible proof that this is so--but sometimes it's easy to forget Their presence, especially given our society's overarching Judeo-Christian view of the Divine as Big Old Man On A Cloud Who Will Cast Judgement On You From Afar).

Thalia said...

Big Old Man On A Cloud Who Will Cast Judgement On You From Afar And Who Is Unnaturally Fixated On What You Do With Your Genitalia, yeah.

Also, it's probably a function of my convoluted, colorful and eclectic (to say the least) brain, since that's the medium through which this stuff is channeled.

But that XTC song is Easter Theatre, which is all about Spring coming, so it fits. I love that damned song. I love that damned Andy Patridge boy, too, come to think of it. O! The brain.

Anonymous said...

I know what it's like to be dead.

I can't say anything more than "THANK-FUCKING-YOU"; my core really needed to hear that.

(And now? And now I'm off to have a grateful, thankful cry because I know I've been heard.)

Cakepants // Ms. Graveyard Dirt

Anonymous said...

This was particularly meaningful to me tonight. The goddess' words have inspired a post which should appear in the next couple of days.

I hope its okay if I quote a small bit (with a link back of course) to help the ramble to come make sense

Mama Kelly

Thalia said...

Quote as much as you like Mama Kelly, just credit me? Her? I'm not sure, actually. :)

Ms Graveyard Dirt, you are welcome.

Kim Campbell said...

I love this card! It is my favorite so far...