Monday, March 23, 2009

Goddess of the Week

Good grief. I am starting to wonder. After all it is a homemade deck, of photocopies and bristol board assembled with rubber cement, and each card was cut out by hand; and a decidedly untrusting and un-magical thought has come to me. Is this card simply wider than the others and so more likely to be picked?

I do not think, really, that is what this is about. (And I did check Her card against the others. No, it is very much of average width.)

At any rate, this week's Goddess of the Week card is again Kamrusepas, the Hittite Goddess of magic and healing. She has come up three times already, on December 27th, a week later, and again on February 28th. She is remembered for bringing the Grain-God Telipinu back into the company of the Gods after He stormed off for some reason or other; and She cast an elaborate spell of healing and soothing which made His anger disappear.

Her message, in the past, has been one of kindness, especially towards ourselves. Of healing ourselves gently, steadily, thoroughly, and with compassion.

But I wonder. In my own life these are themes I'm working with, healing and unbinding and undoing past knots so that I can then invoke the new; and it is, I think, a big magic I am doing, mise mi fein, me myself. So it is hard not to take this personally, though I suppose in any reading the messages are both for the reader as well as the querant, in this case the world. And when I asked what She had to say to the world, this is what She said:

I am here because you are working Magic, and I love to see that. Deep magic, and not just you singular but all of you plural. There is powerful Magic being made in the world now. Not only the Magic of springtime and the turning seasons, but people-Magic. Something good and beautiful is coming into being, and so many of you have a hand in it.

Yes, I'm checking in again as a reminder; self-kindness should be as common as breakfast, or grounding rituals. Not something for special occasions, or only after everyone else has been taken care of; but first. It is ever important, that you are kind to yourself, yes, but it is vitally important now, that you do this, while this Great Magic is being made. And I will keep reminding you. This is a time of magic and healing. Now.

Yes, you are doing this. Yes, you are pushing it along. I am here to remind, to give the momentum that extra force. Things are moving, things are accelerating; it is spring now for many of you. And part of this movement is in undoing, yes, even as you are doing. How are you loosening paralysis? What has been bound that you are untying? What knots still need to be unpicked?

Mainly I am here, though, to offer encouragement, to let you know it is working and that things are moving. Yes, for you, but also for all the world--you do not think you are not part of it, do you? You are remarkably prescient if you would just trust it. Yes, all of you.

What is this Magic we are doing? What is your part in it?


Thalia said...

My first thought, honestly, (well after the startled *again?*) was, oh, how'd She know I ordered that Hittite book? I've got one coming to me from Amazon, though it hasn't arrived yet. And I've been wondering about it since it was used and the description didn't say it didn't have underlining, &c., which I can't stand; but I took a chance on it because the other copies were twice as much money. So I keep thinking to myself that I have to keep an eye on that book when it comes, keep an eye on those Hittites.

I don't know; just brainstorming here. It's feeling very synchronous, but I don't know how to tie it together yet. I get the feeling that's part of what She's saying. The Gods do tend to keep hammering home the message until you finally get it, you know?

Anonymous said...

Radical self-kindness. Radical self-healing. All in the gentlest, softest, sweetest and bestest smelling ways.

Someone reminded that radical doesn't have to equate with violence. Some how the two had gotten twisted up in my mind.

This someone also reminded me healing doesn't have to hurt. It may *itch* a little, but it doesn't have to hurt.

Thalia said...

No, 'radical' actually just means 'to the root'. Which makes it related to radish, which I find wicked funny.

Sybil said...

Maybe you picked it just for me. Heh.

Hi, I've been hanging around the background of your blog for a long time, and I've thoroughly enjoyed your Goddess Oracle Deck. I use it regularly to help my sisters and friends (and it works marvelously!).

And today, after the particularly difficult weekend I had, and the subsequent unbinding . . . Well, seeing this card and reading what you had written helped "click" in a new perspective that had been trying to form.

So, thanks for picking the card for me. :-)

Thalia said...

Well, excellent, then, Sybil. :)

Poppy Fields said...

You picked her for me too! The past couple of months have been largely focused around healing, releasing & acceptance and changing my internal dialogue.

Must be something in the air ;)