Thursday, November 13, 2008


I did this last night while lying in bed. I went into it with the intent of making a self-portrait, although I wasn't looking in a mirror. I was probably already half-asleep and I think it looks remarkably coherent for that; but also, it does not at all look like me. Aside from having dark hair about that length and the two eyes a nose and a mouth thing, it is very definitely someone else. But I also know it's a self portrait, so I'm finding it all quite intriguing.

Past life, maybe? She looks kind of Native American to me.


Rowena said...

I like your drawing and find your blog very interesting. I don't know this Goddess deck you use. I use a different Goddess deck sometimes, and see new goddesses in your post. Interesting.

Plus I see in you weekly goddesses something pointing to Obama... you know "Hope." A global level, even

Thalia said...

Oh, sorry, that would be my own Goddess Oracle Deck; here's a link.

Unknown said...

I love it... and yes, it does look native in some form... Maybe its your Thalia Grace form lol

Leah said...

sometimes i think all art is a kind of self-portrait.

i love the eyes.

Apple said...

It looks great.