Monday, November 17, 2008

Fiber Stuff

Catching up a bit here for Art Every Day Month, with several days' worth of stuff:

I went to a craft store on Saturday and got myself some fun stuff, including some of the yarn for this version of the knitty-kitty. I like the lavender claws; it makes it look like something from out of Where The Wild Things Are.

Also, a couple photos of some ongoing dyeing projects. The first one is of my silk/wool yarn I've been dipping in indigo (yes, it's hanging up to dry in my kind of scary cellar):

The second is of some wool/soy stuff I'm tie-dyeing for a variegated effect. Here it's been tied and gone through a couple indigo dips; the original reserved white was then untied, and the blue tied off for a bath in some vinegar and pokeberry. It's probably a little hard to visualize the finished result, but it should end up with sections of blue (the indigo) and magenta (the pokeberry) with purple (indigo + pokeberry) between the two colors. It will come out of the pokeberry tomorrow, as it needs to sit for a couple days, so we'll see how it does.

And yes, those two black things at the top of the shot are in fact Miss Maude's paws. There is, after all, a tangled pile of yarn sitting there, and that sort of thing attracts cats without fail.


Leah said...

oh man, i would have trouble doing anything with yarn with my naughty kitties around. they go nuts for anything resembling string. what is it about that stuff that makes them go bananas?

Thalia said...

I don't know. Perhaps it looks like mouse tails?

Jul said...

I am loving your blog. And love the Wild Thing!

-ked'a said...

The wild thing is so very wicked cool!!!