Friday, March 4, 2011

Mandala for Late Winter

Looking through some photos I took last week of the first sign of the snowdrops, I was inspired to make this photo mandala:

I am always drawn to the eight or four sided ones for some reason. Grounding and stability, perhaps.

The outer ring of blue is last year's leaves, through which the buds are poking. We usually see them earlier, but last week was the first time the snow cover had melted enough. But once that was gone, things filled in fast. The snowdrops are out now, and the snow crocus are starting up.

Spring is coming, isn't it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The little snow drops are lovely!

John Webb said...

In my opinion Carl Jung was the expert on mandalas. You posted about his Red Book which includes several. Jung wrote a lot about mandalas. Here's just one example which you've probably seen:

You probably know that the partitioning into fours indicates psychic wholeness.

Thalia said...

Yeah, the circle in the square. You kind of can't avoid it if you're doing any kind of wholeness work. The Red Book, yes, has a whole series of them in pretty much storyboard format, each moving into the next one.

I went through about a year where I could not stop making these things; I've got several CDs full of them.