Monday, December 27, 2010


Yes, I'm here, and hope everyone has survived the holidays just fine.

I don't know what I'm doing with this blog, or my art, or any of this. Perhaps I shall just make quilts for the rest of my life. Or perhaps I have simply been a bit chilly since the autumn and come spring I'll be obsessing about gardening, who knows. Seasons are what they are, after all, and we Pagans know it.

So I don't know what I'm doing here at Amused Grace. But what I do know is that this is the season for finding out, for visioning, for going into the dark places, for there is time enough dark on our hands, on our minds, to explore it in depth.

And I am doing work, or rather, Work; but much of it is internal, of course, and what is coming out, the Working in the real world (ha! define 'real'), is not particularly Pagan-related, though one could argue it all is, as it's about me, and I am Pagan.

I seem to be in an aniconic phase. The altar in my bedroom is dusty and unmaintained, I have not done anything special for a Sabbat in I don't know how long, it's been ages since I've done a spell, and I've never been interested in any kind of daily practice; but it's not as if I'm having some sort of spiritual crisis or major rethinking. I am Pagan to the marrow of my bones. I am simply keeping it close now for some reason. I feel gathered into myself, looking out at the world with a sharp eye, and though I'm reading plenty of blogs I somehow always stop myself from commenting or participating. I've never been much for community, it's true, as I favor the model of the Witch living alone on the margin of the wood rather than the college of priestesses one.

The holidays do sort of bring out the bah-humbug curmudgeon in me, I admit. These last few years especially the frantic lighting of lights and cheeriness seem forced, seem rooted in denial. This is the dark time of the year. Let it be dark, then, and quiet, and still.

I can't see with all the noise.


Hecate said...

Sounds as if you are doing just exactly what you need to be doing.

Anonymous said...

A-yup; feeling it. Perhaps it is the excess of noise that has brought on the excess of quiet, as a means of maintaining internal balance. I feel quite shut down myself. Germinating.

Danna said...

Quiet Until the Thaw

Her name tells of how it was her.

The truth is she did not speak in winter.

Everyone learned not to ask her questions in winter once this was known about her.

The first winter this happened we looked inside her mouth to see if something was frozen.

Her tongue maybe, or something else in there.

But after the thaw she spoke again and told us it was fine for her that way.

So each spring we looked forward to that.

Jacob Nibenegenasabe

Hope it helps :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hibernation time! Share your dream time with the bears!

Sarah/Enid said...

How you express your faith, or don't express it, and what you find fulfilling and stimulating, is between you and the Gods.

People change. Practices change. It sounds like you need to mix it up a little, and that's perfectly fine. Different types of practice, or the absence thereof, will call to you at different types of your life. What's important is that you learn from all of it.

Your journey is your own. You don't need to justify or explain it to anyone but yourself, because if it works for you, it works for you, and that's enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thalia - just a passing admirer of your work, wishing you a fruitful and creative 2011. I too, have been hibernating.

the bewilderness said...

Happy Groundhog Day!
Thank you for the card.
A daid computer caused me to lose contact with many of my internet friends and I am sorry for it.