Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goddess of the Week

The Taoist Goddess Ho Hsien-ku ("Immortal Woman He", also transliterated as He Xiangu) makes Her second appearance here as Goddess of the Week; last time was more than a year ago, the week of the American election in November 2008.

She is considered one of the Eight Immortals, Pa hsien or Ba Xian, an eclectic group of Deities Who were born mortal but Who each achieved immortality. Ho Hsien-ku was said to come by Hers by following an instruction She received in a dream to eat powdered mica or pearl; this She did upon waking, in time finding She had no need of regular food.

She was often shown with a lotus-flower, as I have depicted Her here; She can also be shown with a bamboo ladle filled with good things, mushrooms and peaches and bamboo or pine twigs. These are all things associated with good health and immortality, Her lotus flower in Taoist thinking representing spiritual unfolding and the heart. She is in some respects a healing Goddess, especially healing through plants or herbs: before She ascended to the heavens She was said to spend Her days gathering fruit and herbs to give to Her mother.

The Eight Immortals are said to bring good luck, prosperity, and longevity; and not surprisingly They are a very popular subject in art, often depicted in the act of crossing the Sea or having other adventures. They generally look like They are having a rollicking good time!

Sounds, then, like this week is blessed; fortune, prosperity, and health will all be on the upswing. Herbs, food, fruit--good, simple things may well be the key to healing at this time. Simple is I think the key. Make sure you are treating yourself well, and be aware it may well be something so simple it has been overlooked.

This may also be about hope, and fun, and adventure, and about bringing your individual strengths and skills to help solve a problem.

It sounds like a very excellent time to start a new project.

What does She say?

Coax your heart open. Let it blossom and unfold, gently, as the sun warms you. Gently, that is key. In your own time, and as the most gentle of reactions. Let your heart fall open, just a little.

Remember to be gentle with yourself.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Blossoming gently in the warmth of the sun sounds so-o-o-o good right now! Getting tired of winter!

Souris Optique said...

Oh, I'm trying! :)

Laura said...

thank you for this sweet reminder of gentleness toward myself...just what I needed to remember today:)

Naneki said...

That is beautiful; thank you! I so love your work... I would gladly buy your oracle right now to own the deck and let the book come to me when it was ready...