Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And Another Poem for Bride

Funny, I had a terrible time choosing poems for this, the Fifth Annual Brighid in the Blogosphere Poetry Reading. I don't know much about poetry, and truth be told I don't get them most of the time, or at least I can't explain them. I suppose that is not the salient point, though--I know that some poetry gives me a chill, or brings tears to my eyes, even if I don't know why.

And so when I finally chose some poems for Bride here and posted them, I then shut the browser off (with some relief) and went to play a bit in Photoshop; but not until I put iTunes on. And there it was, this bit of prayerful exuberance:

Dame Fortune, by Andy Partridge

Jump for joy
Jump for joy

Dame Fortune smile
Ring my bell, lift your skirts
Pour down some fortune on me
Dame Fortune smile
Knock my door, doff your cap
Deliver milk for my tea

I've been throwing low numbers
On the dice of life
All the cards I turn scowl at me
Like my ex-wife

When nighttime falls
I'll need your net
To catch those brick-bats in

Dame Fortune smile
At my lottery, lass
Please won't you empty my bin

Dame Fortune smile
Tear a square from your dress
Give my front windows a clean
Dame Fortune smile
Let me borrow your bike
Bring home the bacon and beans

I've been pulling low numbers
From the hat of dreams
Drowning in the pools by simply
Picking rotten teams

When nighttime falls
We'll fix it up
I'll loan your safety pin

Dame Fortune smile
When they're spitting at me
Please bring all my washing in

I thank you

There it is, a bona fide invocation to old Fortuna, cleverly disguised as a pop song. I do love that man. You can hear him smiling as he sings.

(Hey, Hecate said song lyrics were okay. So there!)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great song! "All the cards I turn scowl at me /
Like my ex-wife" -- LOL! Immediately evocative, like a good image should be!

Hecate said...

Song lyrics can be great poetry; as you've shown!