Sunday, April 5, 2009

Art Journal Pages

A couple more art journal pages for Creative Every Day; April's theme is color.

Coincidentally enough I did that 'Blue' page in March, before the theme was announced; guess I'm just ahead of the curve. Or psychic, or something. It's a collage of blue things cut out of magazines with some painting over the top. The second one is a 'quilt' made of origami papers cut up and pasted together. I apologize that the photos are not as good as I would like; the lighting wasn't that great and I'm afraid they are a little blurry.


Leah said...

Stop reading my mind, will ya? ;-)

I'm also a big fan of blue, so I'm just loving this page.

Thalia said...

Sorry about that, Leah. :)

I forgot to say that if any of you out there ever want to learn about color, make a quilt. You are forced to work with patterns that someone else has made that look very different both close up and far away, and can change dramatically given what they are next to. Very tricky!

ked'a said...

Damn, you are good! Precision, baby.