Saturday, September 27, 2008


A few days ago Anne Johnson over at the very marvelous (and very funny, a quality this Muse of Comedy namesake can appreciate) Pagan blog The Gods Are Bored issued a call to the Pagan Blog-O-Sphere to blog against the current Republican ticket, as they are not, shall we say, compatible with religious tolerance. Or freedom. Or that little thing called the Constitution.

Now, though I wanted to, I didn't really know how to go about helping with Anne's idea, as I hadn't intended for this brandy-new blog to be of a particularly political bent, rather more of a window into the creative process type of thing. Although, come to think of it, Athena has been my patroness Goddess of late, and, besides being the Goddess of the creative process par excellence She is also all about justice, wisdom, and strategy.

Athene the grinder
shake your spear,
rage against injustice.
Inspire us with the prowess
of righteous fury.

(To quote the R.C. Hogart transmutations of The Hymns of Orpheus.) So, I suppose, not really a stretch, after all.

But as I was wondering Evn over at Lover of Strife, (another very well-written and very funny Pagan blog, that if you haven't already checked out you certainly oughtta as he has at the very least hands down the best blog masthead I have ever seen) who is my very first Devoted Reader, the sweetie, went and got me involved anyway, and gave my Cat and Cauldron store a very lovely plug, averring that my Goddess t-shirts are the fashion statement to be making whilst fighting off the Forces of Stupidity and Intolerance. I am honored. Thank you, Evn.

Now, in accord with Anne's original intent, should you come across this and agree that Sarah Palin is a Witch-hating threat of a most dire kind to religious tolerance and freedom: Tag! You're It. Go forth and blog.

So it is. This I do in the name of my patroness Athena, in Her guises of Athena Promakhos, Sthenias, Soteira, Nike; Champion, The Strong, Saviouress, Victory.

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Beverly said...

The Forces of Stupidity and Intolerance ~ that's it in a nutshell!