Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Inaugural Post

Hello everyone!

It has been, I admit, a bit of a rough year. Various issues, with which I won't bore you, have come up, with the end result being that I have neither worked on the book for the Goddess Oracle Deck very much (the main thing I have to be doing to get the deck itself published), nor, and this is just awful, have I even completed a new piece of art in the last year.

Depressing, I know. And not just for you all out there.

So, this blog.

The main purpose of this blog, then, and I'll be right up front about this, is to get me back into writing the book to go with the deck of cards I've given the working title of The Goddess Oracle Deck. That won't hold, of course, given that Hrana Janto and Amy Sophia Marashinsky already have one out by that name (though I note with some surprise that Googling that phrase pulls up my version as the first hit, which is simply crazy).

So I plan to feature regular updates and progress reports on the book; but also I thought this would be a good place to talk about new artwork I create, or new articles I write for that crazy I-don't-know-whatever-possessed-me-to-take-it-on project of mine, the Obscure Goddess Online Directory; and perhaps this might also be a place to feature a Goddess or two I especially like. I'm sure it will become a lot of things, in time.

Anyway, though, that word up top, inaugural. In Roman times, which is where the idea comes from, to inaugurate meant to mark out a place as sacred, a job properly done by an augur, a type of priest responsible for divining the signs; now, I am not an augur, but I like the idea of marking out this blog as some kind of sacred space, if such can be applied to a blog. For I intend this to be, at the root of it, a blog about the creative process; and well, it doesn't get much more sacred than that.


Evn said...

Does it count if I declare this blog sacred space? I've got the priest/divination thing working for me.

Thalia said...

Yes, but are you trained in reading the flights of birds? That's true augur stuff. Ornithomancy, man.

(Actually I do think it counts. And thanks!)

Evn said...

Hmmm, ornithomancy. I'll look into it. And I'll also admit to being morbidly fascinated with haruspicy.

(A Haruspex is kind of like an Augur, yes? Just a little... um, squishier...)

Thalia said...

I don't care for liver myself, but if you're interested in a career change (or at the least a fascinating new hobby):