Saturday, October 26, 2013


And another, though not an Aztec.  I'd never quite liked the earlier version of Her, so I redid it with rather a different emphasis.  It's tricky to find female tricksters, after all, but Athena absolutely qualifies (if you don't believe me go read The Odyssey.)

I don't know if anyone's going to pick up on this but I hinted at Her more martial qualities with the bronze jewelry in the shape of spear points and shields (the pins on Her shoulders are specifically Spartan shield-shaped).

I quite like Her.

As usual, I've put up t-shirts and prints with this art on them, if you are interested.


Lani said...

Oh this is such an unexpected yet wonderfully appropriate depiction of Her. Her grey-eyed side glance and thick Grecian curls are perfect and your details in the jewelry are spot-on. Thank you for this new portrait of a Goddess so very close to my heart.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never thought of Athena as a trickster before but I see what you mean about her role in the Trojan War. Food for thought indeed!

Your portrait captures her wileyness beautifully!

Misty said...

Hi, did you happen to move your blog somewhere???