Saturday, August 31, 2013


This is the other piece I did earlier, another of that deck I'm now calling the World Goddess Oracle. It's of Vanth, an Etruscan underworld Goddess Who was often depicted on tombs and sarcophagi carrying a torch to help guide the souls of the dead. Because that's what Her presence signified, that someone's death was near. She is, however, a neutral force. She does not bring death, I don't think, but is there to guide the spirit on its new journey.

Here she is:

I've depicted Her in a very typical pose from one of the Etruscan tombs, where She is shown on one side of a door.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful! I've never heard of Vanth before. Those ancient Etruscans rocked.

Anonymous said...

*DEMENTED HAND FLAPPING AND HYPERVENTILATING* i LOEV hER ;D The colour scheme you've chosen is wonderfully dusken, while not being eerie at all. And that hand *ugh* _You_ know.

AND I learned something! What I find remarkable - in a totally non-soft-poly way - is that Her consorts were all ported-over to the Hellenics with only slight adjustments to name, whereas Vanth becomes... Hekate. What can we make of that, I wonder...

p.s. Not sure about other users who aren't logged in with Blogger, but they sure are making it difficult these days to gush at you >|:||||

Thalia said...

You and your flailing. It's so cute.

I had to get Tuscan red in there, right?

Vanth kind of doesn't have an equivalent. She's just Vanth. It is damned nice to have a female psychopomp though let me tell you. Now, to do Athena as a trickster!