Thursday, July 18, 2013


Funny enough with everything going on I've got a couple pieces of art done. I have no idea what's going on or what that means, but they are two more Goddesses for the World Goddess Oracle (née the Goddess Oracle Deck). Actually there are three now, but I haven't scanned in the third, because with the new (to me) computer and the issues it has with not recognizing the scanner it's this huge big deal of swapping cables and restarting to the old computer that will do Classic to scan something so I'll wait till I'm doing a couple at a time. Anyway.

I redid Chalchiuhtlicue, the Aztec Goddess of water; I was never really happy with the original, and like the new one much better.  Aztec Goddesses just kind of aren't the fluffy love and light kinds, you know?

She's still got hair after the way the Aztecs drew water in the codices, with seashells and water droplets; Her dress is after a pattern from a statue which I've colored in to look sort of like the mosaics the Aztecs made out of bits of turquoise, which was sacred to Her for its blue watery color.  Also the tassels are part of Her usual iconography, though they kind of ended up with seashells on top, though I'm not sure what they are originally supposed to be.  It works, though.

The second one (well, actually the one I did first) is Yhi, an Australian sun Goddess Who was said to have created all the living creatures.   As she's Australian I always figured She was a bit of a quirky sort Who loves pockets; after all She created all those marsupials as well as the platypus.  Here She is, Her hair sunbleached, rising over the Outback, with white lines painted on Her body like sun-rays:

Both of them are available as prints over at my deviantArt gallery, here for Chalchiuhtlicue and here for Yhi.  Enjoy!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love them both!

Lani said...

They're both amazing! I can't wait to see the third piece!

Roll Cage Mary said...

As an Aussie, that is one great representation of Yhi!!

Cesar said...

This is fantastic!