Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh, I wanted to ask:

Did anyone else experience that blinding brightness this summer? I had asked around, a little, to some Witchy sensitive sorts I know but they didn't know what I was talking about. I'm sure it's got a lot to do with where I was, but at the same time it really felt like a bigger phenomenon than just me, like a few years back when the Veil felt really thin.

Like I said it felt like this: like I was looking through a pane of dusty glass, upon which the sun was shining so brightly that everything was just this haze of brightness, and I couldn't see, See, much of anything.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?


Lavanah said...

Me! And I really felt as if I had been struck blind by it. And now that you've posted about it, I'm wondering what it was all about, and how many more of us were affected.

Thalia said...

Oh wow, okay. Someone else felt it.

Another thing this summer was that it felt like some kind of giant Mercury retrograde (not that I'm that big on astrology, actually), in that things for me at least were happening backwards or blocked or took like three times as much energy as it felt it should have, to be improbably saved at the last second. I don't know if that and the blindness are linked, though it kind of feels like it to me. Then again the stuck part of it may have just been me and my peculiar circumstances this summer. I don't know.

So what was up with that brightness? It didn't feel like the Veil was thick or opaque or anything, but it definitely got weirdly cloudy there or something.

Do you think it's clearing now? It feels like it to me, though it can hardly not, given that Monday/Tuesday is Samhain.

Rose said...

I was in a different place this year and it has been 'blinding' in a different way... I got married and put an awful lot of time into crafting stuff, so much time, that the Summer was sort of over bright but not in the way you felt it.

SRP said...

YES. Oh gods, yes. And it was - and is still, lingeringly - exhausting. (Just realising now: perhaps that it why I retreated so far into [personal] darkness; to escape all that blinding, suffocating, stultifying light!) It has even tainted autumn, which has been struggling to come on this year. I felt it, physically, the dragging to escape a cruel, cruel summer (;)).