Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Play-Along Reading

I thought it might be fun to try some join-in practice readings. By which I mean, I'll pick some cards from my Goddess Oracle Deck, and then folks who want to can try their hand at interpreting them in comments. The readings can be as simple as you like (or as elaborate as you like if you tend that way).

Here, I'll start. Reading these three as past-present-future:

You are coming out of a time of trial, one in which you know you have been in the right, but you have not been able to do much about it except to have patience with circumstances. You are now being vindicated. However, this will lead you to a choice, a crossroads; and keep in mind there are more than just two possibilities before you. The future may be a little stormy, but if you can weather it, bright blessings are promised.

Anyone like to give it a try? You can read them any way you like, as self, other, and the relationship between, as (one of my favorites) Maiden, Mother, Crone, or whatever speaks to you.


Tina said...

Okay. I'll play.

The central issue concerns direction – which way should you go now, and how will you know this is the way of your highest good? Your choices may feel overwhelming, and truthfully, your options are bountiful. But choice is like an arrow – once loosed, it can find only one home. Be sure of your aim. The darkness that surrounds the eventual consequences of your choice may feel like confusion, but it's not. It asks you to trust your instinct and not your eyesight. Patience is the key. Wait for the sign, like rainbows after the storm. How will you know your sign? You will. It will call to the deepest part of you (even if there's fear or doubt or other stormy emotions, you will know. You may not be comfortable, but you will know).

Poppy Fields said...

Very nice, Tina! Helpful, too. I couldn't find any clarity, no matter how long I stared at the cards, but you've provided some ideas.

Thalia said...

Maybe I should have provided some links to info about the Goddesses. That probably would have helped.

Thanks for playing, Tina, your reading is very insightful.

Poppy--given that Hekate is the central card, it occurs to me that maybe this reading isn't about clarity, since She's all about the shades and the mists and the dark.

Hmm. I want to pick another card for this reading, and then look at it as three dimensional. Hekate in the middle, then Rhiannon as one road, Aida-Wedo as another, and the new card as the third. Which path are you on already? Which one will you take?

Interesting that one of the cards is suggesting the shape of the layout.

Poppy Fields said...

Great idea about making the reading 3-D, Thalia! I went to the goddess oracle and clicked randomly on the left list and got Kirke.

Transformation & choice - NO surprises there! Discovering the power of choice and how _em_powering it is, is very transformative. Now how to make the lesson stick...

How long do you think before Hekate gets annoyed with my constant "but what, huh? Huh?"

Thalia said...

I don't know; Hekate is sort of popularly known as a curmudgeon, from what I hear. Though She's always come across to me as quite kindly, and someone Who protects the lonely traveller. And given that She's one of the older Gods, the Titanes, I've always assumed She was an especial protectress of women. So I find the idea of Her protecting women on lonely dark roads quite comforting. At least that's how She's always read to me, the ghosts and spectral hounds that hang about Her notwithstanding.

Anita Joy said...

Did you notice Thalia, that your posting of the "Play-Along Reading" was at 11:11pm on August 18,2009.

I see five goddess energies and taking the 5 + 11:11 that equals, hmm...9.

The Nine Muses - Thalia, muse of comedy. *wink*

freektemple said...

Taken as a whole, I see these cards spelling out a warning of something about to happen in the near future, something that can be potentially harmful.

Rhiannon holds a secret, you need to be able to listen to it. Rhiannon will not just give you the secret, but she wants you to know. The bird she holds will whisper it in your ear, if you know to listen. Hekate is very dear to me, in all aspects, but I find it interesting that it's her "Mother" aspect staring at you... (Have you thought of creating 3 Hekate cards?) This aspect of her is so warm, so caring, yet, she too tells me that I need to figure things out myself. Call it Tough Love. She holds the secret but will only give hints. Aida-Wedo suffers no fools: she'll tell you to your face if you are being stupid and she tells me that if I don't listen to Rhiannon and Hekate she'll kick my butt, or let that which is being hinted at kick my butt, and she'll watch without pity because I'm stupid. I know that if I'm smart enough she'll warm up to me and we'll laugh and share good food.

I know that this is rambling and may seem waaaay off base, but it's what the cards say directly to me: I am reading based solely on the artwork and not based on the attributes of the Goddesses.